About the Author-Artist

M.C.A. Hogarth (haikujaguar on Livejournal and Google) has been writing and drawing since she was old enough to pick up a pencil. Since then, she's done all manner of techy odd jobs, from process management at telecom companies to web database design at universities to technical writing and product marketing at software shops. She spent a good year doing massage therapy. Her major in college was variously Anthropology, Linguistics, Engineering, English and Fine Art: Studio Painting. She has a third of a Master's in Bioethics and Medical Humanities. And she's now a mother to Baby Wigglet after over a decade of happy marriage.

About the Website

Stardancer.Org has been running continuously since 1996 and on a database since 1999. It's used some of the earliest versions of PHP and PostgreSQL, back when you had to fake session IDs with elaborate tricks. The person primarily responsible for all these cool technology advances is Kim Liu, who has also served as the server administrator for Stardancer for almost all of those years. The cycle goes: Kim does magic, I peek at his secret books, I go "Mwahahahaha!" and run off a la Magician's Apprentice to make all manner of mischief, and a year or so later Kim returns, looks at the mess, and tidies up before starting with new tricks.

I'm pretty sure this is intentional. He's turning me into a geek.

New to this revision of Stardancer, the Coffee Starfield design, is Watts Martin's UI work. He's responsible for the design direction for the Art Archive, which I extrapolated to the rest of the site. If the navigation of the immense art archive makes any sense, you owe that experience to him.

We're pretty sure that Stardancer's the oldest single-artist database-driven art archive on the net, though we (of course) could be wrong. We're pretty proud of that... and hope you enjoy the thousands of images available!