The Neighbors: The Chatcaava
Say shot-CAW-vah.

For the Alliance of the Pelted, struggling to become a deeper and more enlightened people, there must be a counterbalance. Enter the Chatcaava, then, dragon-like creatures come lately to the power of shape-changing. Once they were a kingdom of noble and conscientious people, but pride was their downfall and their arrogance led them eventually to decadence and cruelty.

Nowhere is this slow slide better illustrated than in how the Chatcaava treat their women. Shape-changing is only conveyed with the gene that codes for wings, and this gene is sex-linked. Most women are born with four arms instead of two and wings, and without the ability to shape-change. When the Empire was a kingdom, women were revered, their grace immortalized in poetry, sculpture and song. The Queen over the kingdom was known as the Queen Ransomed, a woman who willingly married a King of a different family or world in order to foster the peace.

Now the Queen Ransomed is the Slave Queen, stolen from the most recalcitrant of worlds as an example to those who would rebel.

But Slave Queens can become Queens Ransomed again... with a little help from the Alliance. When the Chatcaava signed a truce with the Alliance, they expected to eventually pluck the fruit from their neighbor's tree and cut down the remains. It might have gone as they planned, had it not been for a fierce ambassador with the ability to read people's thoughts with a touch of his hand....

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