The Aphorisms of Kherishdar

In which the author talks with the Ai-Naidar directly.
     The Hardest Stories. The author discovers the "incense story" style.
     The Color of Your Worldview. Gender in Kherishdar.
     Names. The meaning of loneliness.
     Not Another One. The introduction of Shame.
     What's In a Name. The language of the Ai-Naidar.
     Culture Clash. The Ai-Naidar and massage.
     Playing with Form. More on Ai-Naidari forms of fiction.
     In Which the Jaguar is Not a Calligrapher. More about art.
     Regaining One's Context. The birth of the Aphorisms project.
     Love's Masks. Shame's wisdom.
     Beauty is Not a Function of Youth. What the title says....
     The Ways of Aliens. On gender roles... and pants.
     Pants, Part 2. More on gender roles... and pants.
     Nothing to Hold You Down. About the lack of an impersonal government.
     Caregiver is Not a Caste. On the responsibilities of child and elder care.
     Translator Woes. More about gender roles.
     Less is More. Following your calligraphic heart.

The original art for the chapbook will be available for sale on completion. Each piece will average $200 (payment plans are accepted).

© 2007, M. C. A. Hogarth