The Aphorisms of Kherishdar

The following individuals contributed to make The Aphorisms of Kherishdar project available online:

Aimee Amodio
Elizabeth Barrette
Amanda C. Bauer
Christopher Bauer
Bard Bloom
Elizabeth Burke-Scovill
Dave Bryant
Melanie and Peter Brynn
Leslie B.
Kelly Caballero
Denise Conner
Kara Cox
Sarah Perreault Morehouse
Eddy Dollar
Jim Doolittle
Elizabeth Fallon
David Fenger
Mary Ellen Garland
JC Gibbons
Sandra Grauschopf
Abigail Gwinn
Teri Hebert
Samantha Henderson
Suzanne Hillman
Pamela Hopkins
Tim Hoyt
Misti Jordan
Stephanie Kao
Knitting Pirate
Kris Millering
Sunnie Larsen
Renee LeCompte
Shira Lipkin
Kim Liu
S. M. Lloyd
Amber Lyons
Elizabeth McCoy
Chris and Leah Meredith
Ellen Million
Elizabeth Hanes Perry
Phaedra Lari
Raised by Cats
K. Starbuck
Toni Sturtevant
L. A. Turner
Grey Walker
Jenika Watkins
Leesa Willis
Tod Wills
Conrad Wong

Thanks to the donations of these patrons, each incense story on this site has been compensated at professional pay rates for short fiction.

You are welcome to make a donation to this project to either help fund the art and layout costs for the chapbook, or to maintain the site.

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