The Aphorisms of Kherishdar

Here's what people are saying about the Aphorisms:

     Becka, from Becka's E-Book Reviews: ...Short they may be but each of these stories needs savoring to really appreciate them. So few words, so much richness. The Ai-Naidar are very different from humanity, but in their differences they reveal much about us."

     MeiLin Miranda, Webfiction Guide: "...I'm buying the hard copy. I've never bought a hard copy of a webserial before, though I've donated. This is that good."

     S.D. Youngren, WebFiction Guide: "I rarely read the on-site reader discussions of online fiction; these usually seem to consist of 'This is so cool!' and 'I can't wait to see what happens next!' Doubtless this is edifying for the author, but it doesn't add much to my experience as a reader. It's different with M. C. A. Hogarth's The Aphorisms of Kherishdar. Here people--obviously very involved people--discuss the culture and philosophy of the characters, known as the Ai-Naidar, and whether or not the particular chapters are sad. I actually took to reading each of these before going on to the next chapter....a first for me."

     Anna Caro, the e-Fiction Book Club: "...The aphorisms include some beautiful detail whilst at the same time feeling uncluttered. The philosophy both feels familiar enough to have some resonance, but alien enough that at times I found it deeply disconcerting."

     Tama Wise, Letters from Silent Hill: "...Each of the parts are called .incense stories. because .as a small stick of incense can perfume an entire house, these stories are short but linger.. The term alone was warm and intriguing. The explanation of what an incense story is just shows the depth, beauty and craft of the author."

     J.C., the e-Fiction Book Club: ".... Each insight is very short and easy to read, and reminded me in some senses of Chaucer's Canterbury Tales—each of the stories is told by one of the travelers, each with its own lesson."

     Karen, the e-Fiction Book Club: "...The title page was interesting, and I wondered what I was getting into. But once I started reading, I was entranced. It was magical, like looking into another world, another society without all the boring history!"

     Goldkngt55, I Have An Opinion On Almost Everything: "...In other words, Hogarth has created a society I can actually believe in, doing so in the actual format that an alien would write it no less. This feels not a book written by a 21rst century writer set in an alien world, it is written by a distant alien and translated into English."

     Siadea: "...the language is beautiful, the turns of phrase memorable, and the thematics exceptionally thought-provoking."

     Elizabeth Barrette, Book Reviews from Hypatia's Hoard: "...John W. Campbell famously said, "Give me something that thinks as well as a human being but not like a human being." Here it is."

     Arimania: "...So this is what validation feels like."

     thedigitalkuri: "...They are incredibly delicate and beautiful stories."

     The Fix Online: "...the problems with the book as a whole are fundamental and go beyond its political naivety and philosophical conservatism."

     The Green Man Review: "...More than an exploration of an alien civilization, these stories seem, at times, like the author's own dreams for society: dreams painted in gorgeous images, mental and literal, and spread via excellent science fiction rather than trite preaching."

     Fred Patten, Anthrozine: "... similar attributes of the Ai-Naidari culture and thought are expressed in this graceful volume, which might be described as a collection of poetry although it is in prose form."

© 2007, M. C. A. Hogarth